A woman’s word is often silent… There resonates the voice.

« When a woman speaks, » is a collection of aims to bring women voices in the heart of all consciences.

The title of the work « When a woman speaks… » originates from an interview of Tritha, a young indian composer and singer who said : « When a woman speaks, don’t tell her to shut up… listen ». Our work, our actions are based on that statement.

The piece is an anecdote. The words and the testimonials reflect the beauty, the revolt, the forbidden. « When a woman speaks » acts as a mirror reflecting a mirror for everyone to find themselves.

The principle of a performative projection’s installation in the urban space creates a narrative vertigo for the viewer, a representation of the cathartic freedom of expression. Beyond the immediate feeling through immersion, the audience is appealed by images, voices, breaths and silences.

Art invites to think collectively and in this sense it is a stakeholder for the future: it reveals and activates the dialogue. Art is a catalyst.

The city is a place of social, cultural, political and economic interaction. It is both an actor and a symbol of transformation. If Art is born in its streets, parks and public venues, it lives, sets, experiences, overwhelms, transforms, re-motivates. It allows for a new urban face.